A Creative Ramadan for the Soul of the Artist

A Creative Ramadan for the Soul of the Artist

JEDDAH: Some people experience a resurgence of creative energy during Ramadan, in addition to spiritual and religious invigoration.

Arab News has compiled a list of art cafés and studios in the Kingdom that provide aspiring artists and creative minds with the necessary space and resources to experiment with various art mediums.

Arty Cafe has everything you need whether you want to paint, draw, sculpt, or work with clay. The café offers its patrons the space, hot beverages, and equipment necessary to let their creative juices flow.
Create your coffee in this cafe and enjoy it surrounded by artwork. In addition to offering paper cups for individuals who enjoy a challenge in drawing and painting, the cafe’s modern black-and-white interior design resembles a blank canvas ready for colors.

It may be found on the Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Al-Awwal Road in Riyadh, the Cenomi Nakheel Mall in Dammam, and Jeddah Park by Cenomi in the Aziziyah area of Jeddah.This artist hub cafe is one big umbrella for many things including a cafe, artists’ creative space, meeting center, and training hall. Beehive Art also provides painting, sculpting, mosaic, and pottery workshops.

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