ACCIONA Holds its first Discussions on Reverse Osmosis Desalination in Riyadh.

ACCIONA Holds its first Discussions on Reverse Osmosis Desalination in Riyadh.

RIYADH: As part of a series of discussions aimed at promoting regenerative and sustainable solutions in Saudi Arabia, ACCIONA, a pioneer in regenerative solutions for a decarbonized economy, hosted its inaugural panel discussion.

Leading industry, governmental, and corporate representatives gathered at the Spanish Embassy in Riyadh on April 28 to highlight reverse osmosis technology’s role in the water cycle.

The panel discussion that preceded the Riyadh event was titled “The Saudi Solution for Water Sustainability: Reverse Osmosis Desalination,” and it discussed how to achieve water sustainability in the Kingdom.

Participants on the panel included Mohammed Alhajjaj, CEO of ENGIE Saudi Arabia; Manuel Manjon, CEO of ACCIONA’s water business line; Khalid Al-Habib, chief investment officer of Water Transmission and Technologies Co.; and Khaled Al-Qourashi, CEO of Saudi Water Partnerships Co.

The panelists discussed their professional backgrounds and emphasized the significance of effectively managing water resources to satisfy the demands of an aging population and a developing economy without endangering the availability of clean water for future generations. Saudi Arabia, with its dry climate and scarcity of freshwater resources, mostly depends on desalination plants to supply its water needs.

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