Independent Saudi musician travels a less-traveled path

Independent Saudi musician travels a less-traveled path

RIYADH: Young musician SOVL is adding a fresh taste to the mix as Saudi Arabia’s music scene expands, encompassing genres like electronic dance and psychedelic rock.

Self-taught independent musician SOVL set out to produce an excellent, industry-standard album that showcased his artistic abilities and told a compelling story. He popularized a unique fusion of indie, modern, and alternative rock derived from the DNA of guitar music.

In December of last year, the 22-year-old Saudi rock star “Too Much Is Not Enough” debuted. With this album, producer, songwriter, and singer SOVL made a daring artistic move by delving into the fascinating world of extended narrative through his music.

The ten-song album is a journey of emotions. The songs become a blank canvas that the listener paints their own feelings on because they are open to interpretation.

Later, he started using the user-friendly GarageBand to record his music before switching to the Logic Pro program and experimenting with various sounds. SOVL released his single “What’s Going On?” in 2021, his first official launch as an indie alternative artist in the local music scene.

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