Jordan Announced the Largest Narcotics Bust in Years at the Saudi Arabian Border Crossing

Jordan Announced the Largest Narcotics Bust in Years at the Saudi Arabian Border Crossing

In the largest drug bust in years, Jordanian officials announced on Wednesday that they had thwarted two attempts to transport millions of captagon pills across a border crossing close to Saudi Arabia. The drugs were being carried by networks with ties to Iran that operate in southern Syria.

According to a report by ammonnews, representatives of the Drug Enforcement Administration claimed to have “arrested members of two gangs linked to regional drug smuggling networks and foiled the smuggling of a huge quantity of drugs that was on its way to a neighboring country.”

About 9.5 million prescription pills and 143 kg of hashish were discovered during the investigation of two smuggling schemes, according to the Public Security Directorate. It further stated that they remove the two gang members.

devastated by war According to Western anti-drug officials, Syria has emerged as the primary location in the area for the large-scale manufacture of captagon, an amphetamine-like stimulant that is addictive. Jordan serves as a vital transit route to the Gulf states.

Like their Western friends, Jordanian officials claim that the multibillion dollar drug and arms trade has surged due to the influence of pro-Iranian militias controlling parts of southern Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah group, which is funded by Iran. Hezbollah and Iran refute the accusations.

Research that was published in the International Addiction Review Journal suggests that consumers often spend between $10 and $25 each pill.

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