Kingdom UN Meeting Spotlights Empowerment Initiatives for Women in the Kingdom

Kingdom UN Meeting Spotlights Empowerment Initiatives for Women in the Kingdom

In a pivotal session at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the empowerment endeavors of women in Saudi Arabia took center stage, shedding light on the Kingdom’s commitment to enhancing female economic participation. Maimoonah Al-Khalil, Secretary-General of the Saudi Family Affairs Council, delivered a compelling address in New York during the 68th session, outlining the Kingdom’s strides towards fostering equal opportunities for women.

Vision 2030: Empowering Women for Sustainable Development

Al-Khalil emphasized that the empowerment of women stands as a cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030. Central to this vision is the recognition by the Kingdom’s leadership that elevating women’s roles is instrumental in achieving sustainable development and prosperity goals. She commended the Saudi government for its proactive policies and measures aimed at advancing women across all sectors of society.

Kingdom-Comprehensive National Plans

Highlighting the comprehensive national plans spearheaded by the Saudi government, Al-Khalil underscored the commitment to promoting women’s full and effective participation in economic activities. She emphasized the establishment of social support and assistance programs, representing a significant paradigm shift in directing government support towards deserving individuals. Notably, Saudi Arabia’s social protection index witnessed a remarkable surge, securing a prominent position among G20 nations.


Global Recognition and Accolades

Al-Khalil proudly noted that Saudi Arabia’s efforts in women’s empowerment are gaining recognition on the global stage. The World Bank lauded the Kingdom as the first country in the Middle East to establish a social safety net aimed at activating and empowering all segments of society. These initiatives not only foster entrepreneurial spirit but also promote productive endeavors, contributing to broader socio-economic development.

Addressing Humanitarian Concerns

While discussing global issues, Al-Khalil underscored the devastating impact of the conflict in Gaza on women and children in Palestine. She reiterated Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of humanitarian violations perpetrated by Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing their contravention of international law. Al-Khalil urged for an urgent cessation of hostilities and the prompt establishment of a comprehensive ceasefire to safeguard Palestinian civilians, particularly women and children, and facilitate the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.


As Saudi Arabia continues its journey towards empowering women and enhancing their participation in all spheres of life, the Kingdom’s efforts resonate globally. Through strategic initiatives, proactive policies, and international engagement, Saudi Arabia stands committed to fostering an environment where women thrive, contribute significantly to economic growth, and play pivotal roles in shaping a prosperous future for generations to come.

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