Marat is a well Rooted Saudi Town.

Marat is a well Rooted Saudi Town.

RIYADH: Tucked away in the Al-Washm region of central Saudi Arabia is Marat, one of the oldest cities in Saudi Arabia’s Najd.

The Arabic book “Glimpses into the History of Marat,” written by Saudi scholar Abdullah Al-Duwaihi and initially released in 2012, sheds light on its fascinating past and is still pertinent for anybody interested in learning more about the Kingdom’s past.

In about 700 pages, Al-Duwaihi methodically details the town’s topography, historical sites, social structure, administration, and centuries-old foundations. The book covers Marat’s significance on the Hajj caravan route, its scientific legacy, mosques, sports and culture, archeological sites, and a host of other social aspects. Travelers’ and geographers’ accounts are incorporated.

Among the famous natural sites discussed in the book is Ghudair Kumait, where floodwaters build up but never stagnate. It takes its name from the well-known Jabal Kumait landmark, renowned for its shape and location and for providing expansive town vistas. According to the author, this gave rise to the proverb, “Secure Kumait, and you secure Marat.

Al-Duwaihi investigates sites including the remains of Al-Aroosah and Al-Walidi Well, which was credited to the Prophet Muhammad’s friend Khalid bin Al-Walid, in addition to showcasing Marat’s historical background. According to historical chronicles, he reportedly dug the well while traveling through Marat to fight the rebels at Al-Yamama.

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