The Ministry of Interior and SDAIA Collaborate to Offer Pilgrims Cutting-Edge Services

The Ministry of Interior and SDAIA Collaborate to Offer Pilgrims Cutting-Edge Services

RIYADH For Hajj pilgrims who are beneficiaries of the Makkah Route Initiative, the Ministry of Interior and the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) have utilised highly advanced technologies, systems, and equipment enhanced with artificial intelligence and creative digital solutions to complete the travel procedures in a much simpler and easier way.

The Ministry of Interior and SDAIA launched the highly advanced system in the sixth year after the initiative’s launch in 2017, with the exception of the two years during which foreign pilgrims’ ability to perform the Hajj was restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. This system allowed beneficiaries to complete procedures automatically by collecting biometrics, reading pilgrims’ passport data, and facilitating procedures for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The mobile device, made available to Makkah Route beneficiaries in airport lounges, has a fingerprint sensor, a front and rear camera, and a network to communicate and transfer beneficiary data to the systems of the Ministry of Interior for authentication and to guarantee the authenticity of visas and travel documents.

SDAIA technology specialists are working in eleven airports spread over seven nations, where a portion of pilgrims arrived in the Kingdom as a result of the Makkah Route Initiative. Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan, is the newest of these airports. On Sunday, the initiative’s first group of pilgrims arrived in Madinah.

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