Saudi Arabia Opposes the Israeli Settlers’ Attack on Jordan’s Aid Convoy Going to Gaza

Saudi Arabia Opposes the Israeli Settlers’ Attack on Jordan’s Aid Convoy Going to Gaza

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia strongly condemned an attack by Israeli settlers on a Jordanian humanitarian aid convoy bound for the besieged Gaza Strip on Tuesday, the second incident of its kind in less than a week.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “the recurrent of such assaults is a result of the failure of the Israeli occupation forces to carry out their responsibilities under humanitarian law and is considered systematic complicity in stopping the required humanitarian aid from reaching the Gaza Strip. The Kingdom urged the global community to take all necessary steps to hold Israel responsible for its violations of international law and humanitarian law.

According to the ministry statement, it also urged it to take responsibility for protecting and securing aid convoy crossings and ensuring their arrival in the Palestinian enclave to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis. Jordan also condemned the attack, and Foreign Ministry spokesperson Sufyan Qudah stated, “Israel is responsible for the settler attack on the aid convoys.

According to the Jordan News Agency, Qudah stated that the Israeli government’s failure to stop the attacks violated its legal obligations.

Qudah also stated that Israeli settlers attacked the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization-run aid convoy on its way to the Beit Hanoun Crossing, also known as the Erez Crossing, in northern Gaza, and that “its cargo was tampered with.” Despite the attack, he stated that the convoy eventually reached its destination in war-torn Gaza.

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