Service Disruptions In Facebook, Instagram, and Threads

Service Disruptions In Facebook, Instagram, and Threads

Service disruptions have hit Meta-owned platforms, with Facebook, Instagram, and Threads all experiencing technical issues. The outage, which started on Tuesday, has led to a range of problems for users, from login difficulties to feed refresh failures.

Widespread Impact on User Experience

Users have reported being unable to log back into their Facebook accounts after being unexpectedly logged out. On Instagram, issues with refreshing feeds and loading stories and comments have been prevalent. Threads has seen a complete outage, with the app displaying error messages to users attempting to access it.

Meta’s Response to the Outage

The surge in reports on DownDetector has highlighted the extent of the outage. In response to the growing user concerns, Meta spokesperson Andy Stone took to Twitter to address the situation, stating, “We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.” This statement indicates that Meta is actively working to fix the issues and restore normal service to its platforms.

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