UNESCO Meeting: Saudi Arabia Calls for Action on Gaza Crisis

UNESCO Meeting: Saudi Arabia Calls for Action on Gaza Crisis

In a significant diplomatic move, Saudi Arabia has appealed to UNESCO Meeting to play a proactive role in addressing the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. The call for action was made by Fahd bin Mayouf Al-Ruwaili, the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to France and the Principality of Monaco, who serves as the Kingdom’s permanent representative to UNESCO. Al-Ruwaili’s appeal came during the 219th session of UNESCO’s executive board meeting held in Paris, a forum where nations gather to discuss critical global issues.

Saudi Arabia’s Delegation at UNESCO Meeting

Leading the Kingdom’s delegation, Ambassador Al-Ruwaili emphasized the urgent need for concerted efforts to mitigate the escalating humanitarian situation in Gaza. The Saudi National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science, along with other national bodies, actively participated in the deliberations during the executive board meeting, underscoring Saudi Arabia’s commitment to engaging with international partners on matters of global significance.

UNESCO Meeting-Efforts to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

In his address, Ambassador Al-Ruwaili shed light on Saudi Arabia’s ongoing initiatives aimed at finding a viable solution to the dire humanitarian conditions and the suffering endured by civilians in the Gaza Strip. He unequivocally condemned Israel’s military operations in Gaza, stressing that such actions flagrantly violate international law and exacerbate the plight of innocent civilians caught in the conflict.

Collaborative Endeavors with UNESCO

Highlighting the fruitful cooperation between Saudi Arabia and UNESCO, Ambassador Al-Ruwaili showcased the joint efforts undertaken to preserve cultural heritage and promote educational initiatives. He lauded the exhibition titled “The Earthen Testaments,” held at UNESCO headquarters, which showcased Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage, including the historic At-Turaif district in Diriyah, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010.

UNESCO Meeting

Investment in Cultural Preservation

Ambassador Al-Ruwaili underscored Saudi Arabia’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage through substantial investment, as evidenced by projects valued at $10 million under the Fund-in-Trust Agreement with UNESCO. These projects, spanning across six culture conventions of UNESCO, aim to foster synergies and safeguard cultural treasures for future generations.

Saudi Arabia’s Global Engagement

In addition to its cultural endeavors, Saudi Arabia has actively engaged with UNESCO on various fronts. The Kingdom’s three cities recently joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, reflecting its commitment to promoting lifelong learning and educational opportunities. Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s participation in the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goal 4 High-Level Steering Committee underscores its dedication to advancing education as a key driver of sustainable development.

Vision for International Cooperation

Expressing gratitude to nations that supported Saudi Arabia’s bid to host Expo 2030 in Riyadh, Ambassador Al-Ruwaili affirmed the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering international cooperation across all domains. Through initiatives like Expo 2030, Saudi Arabia aims to create platforms for dialogue, innovation, and collaboration to address pressing global challenges and promote shared prosperity.


As Saudi Arabia advocates for action on the Gaza crisis and continues to champion cultural preservation and education on the global stage, its engagement with UNESCO underscores a commitment to international cooperation and solidarity in pursuit of a better world. Through collaborative efforts and diplomatic initiatives, Saudi Arabia strives to make meaningful contributions to addressing humanitarian challenges and advancing sustainable development goals on the global agenda.

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