A Calligraphic Exhibition by a French-Iraqi Artist Enchants Riyadh

A Calligraphic Exhibition by a French-Iraqi Artist Enchants Riyadh

RIYADH: The Hewar Art Gallery in Riyadh hosts an enthralling calligraphy Exhibition show by well-known French-Iraqi artist Hassan Massoudy.

Massoudy’s singular fusion of cultures and expression on paint and paper is exhibited in “Calligraphies de Lumiere.”

The 80-year-old artist told Arab News, “I loved to draw as a child. My journey took me from the streets of Baghdad to the studios in Paris.” However, my mother frequently took me to see my uncle, who is a calligrapher and theologian. I observed him carefully, slowly tracing the letters.

Inspired by a desire to pursue art, Massoudy left for France in 1969 and had a profound trip. At the Paris School of Fine Arts, he received instruction in painting, drawing, mosaic, fresco, art history, and figurative painting.

He said, “I worked simultaneously as a calligrapher and at an Algerian magazine to pay for my studies.” I started incorporating letters into the vibrant characters I created little by little.

He said, “From 1975 to 1980, I included more and more calligraphy until the figurative painting completely vanished and was only replaced by letters—first as compositions, then as the sentence’s principal ‘character,’ growing from there.

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