A Saudi Ministry Offers Pilgrims Round-The-Clock Medical Treatment.

A Saudi Ministry Offers Pilgrims Round-The-Clock Medical Treatment.

MAKKAH: According to officials, the Saudi Ministry of Health will continue to offer pilgrims in Makkah round-the-clock medical assistance during Ramadan.

The ministry’s head of Makkah Health Affairs, Dr. Wael Motair, told Arab News that pilgrims can access three emergency centers seven days a week.

The first floor of the King Fahd Expansion area houses the mosque’s emergency center; the second is at the Saudi Portico, formerly known as Safa Gate; and the third is on the first floor, near the Ajyad bridge.

“The Ministry of Health is providing primary care, health, and awareness services to the pilgrims, as part of its role with the Health General Authority at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, to provide high-quality health services throughout the holy month of Ramadan,” stated Motair.

According to him, the ministry begins preparations for Ramadan several months in advance to guarantee that pilgrims will have access to services during their whole stay in the Kingdom.

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