According to the Envoy, Saudi Arabia is Cameroon’s “Faithful Friend.”

According to the Envoy, Saudi Arabia is Cameroon’s “Faithful Friend.”

Cameroon commemorated its national day at a diplomatic gathering in Riyadh, and its ambassador praised Saudi Arabia as a “faithful friend.”

Speaking at a reception on Monday to commemorate Cameroon’s 52nd national day in the Saudi capital, Iya Tidjani stated that collaboration between his nation and the Kingdom has “continued to deepen over the decades.” The Cameroonian community attended the reception, embassy staff, Saudi officials and businessmen, and Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz bin Ayyaf, the mayor of Riyadh.

Since the two nations’ relations were first established in 1966, they have developed and become more diverse, all to the benefit of both nations, according to Tidjani.

The ambassador thanked Saudi Arabia for its annual medical missions supporting the Cameroonian health system. He continued, “Our government also extends its heartfelt gratitude to Saudi Arabia for their outstanding preparations for the Hajj, both in terms of infrastructure and organization.”

The Great Mosque of Maroua, constructed with Saudi Arabia’s assistance in northern Cameroon, opened in 2019.

The ambassador praised Saudi Arabia as a “friend and major player… as can be seen from its role in the fight against terrorism” and emphasized Cameroon’s fight against the terrorist group Boko Haram.  He continued, saying, “Cameroon joins the international community to support Saudi Arabia in its effort towards peace in the Middle East and beyond. Cameroon and Saudi Arabia share similar views on international issues.

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