Arab Entrepreneurs Excel in a Space Exploration Competition

Arab Entrepreneurs Excel in a Space Exploration Competition

RIYADH: The Saudi Space Agency wrapped up its Arab Space Madak competition on Tuesday by awarding 10 winning contestants prizes for their arts, botany and engineering projects.

The winners, hailing from seven Arab countries, were revealed at a ceremony hosted by the agency at the Communications, Space and Technology Commission headquarters in Riyadh. The event marked the first anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s “Journey to Space” mission. It was attended by the agency’s CEO, Mohammed Al-Tamimi, officials, experts, and ambassadors from the winning students’ countries.

In the arts category, Yamen Al-Zaabi from Jordan, Preeti Sami from Egypt, Jawaher Farhan from Bahrain, Rafqa Mansour from Lebanon, and Aline Al-Issa from Saudi Arabia were among the winners.

In the botany category, the winners were Hooriya Basheikh from Morocco, Sadan Al-Dosari from Saudi Arabia, and Fatima Al-Khabouriah from Oman.
The winners in the engineering category were Yara Reda from Syria and Abdulrahman Qattan from Saudi Arabia. The competition, which engaged ambitious Arab students, showcased their enthusiasm for space exploration and skills development.

The winning ideas will be on display on the International Space Station, providing a chance to further space exploration research, development, and innovation while enhancing Arab contributions to this area.

An important turning point in the Saudi Space Agency’s goal to encourage innovation, research, and development in space exploration has been reached with the competition.

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