Government and Makkah University Reach a Research Agreement.

Government and Makkah University Reach a Research Agreement.

MAKKAH: Dr. Mohammed Al-Otaibi, general supervisor of the Research, Development, and Innovation Makkah Authority, and Dr. Moaddi bin Mohammed Aal Madhhab, president of Umm Al-Qura University, recently inked a contract.

The university will be tasked with developing “specialized programs and mechanisms” to improve the national research and innovation system.

The “Governance of Financial Support for Scientific Research in Research Agencies” agreement intends to encourage and support scientific research in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030’s advancements and goals. The university’s duty will be to create “specialized programs and mechanisms” to enhance the country’s research and innovation system.

The university’s plan, according to Aal Madhhab, “focuses on holding various agreements with the relevant authorities and developing the environment and sources of knowledge to support research and innovation and improve the outputs of scientific research and postgraduate studies.”

Additionally, he said, it will “unify the efforts directed toward researchers” and “fund scientific research with systematic support that contributes to the continuity of faculty members’ research output, as scientific research is a key driver of sustainable development in the projects and services provided by various sectors.”

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