Hong Kong and Chinese Investors Focus on Saudi Market

Hong Kong and Chinese Investors Focus on Saudi Market

A top official said that Hong Kong and Chinese companies are preparing to make significant investments in the Saudi market, which is an essential step towards strengthening economic ties.

A delegation of 30 business leaders from Hong Kong and mainland China is set to explore various sectors in the Kingdom, propelled by the ambitious Vision 2030 outlined by Saudi leadership. King Leung, Invest Hong Kong’s global head of financial services and fintech, stated in an interview with Arab News.

Leung explained why he visited Riyadh: “I’m bringing a delegation of 30-plus executives from various disciplines to explore business opportunities in Saudi Arabia. This is not only about attracting inbound (investment), but also about assisting mainland Chinese companies in using Hong Kong as a base to enter key markets such as Saudi Arabia.”

Outlining the potential for co-investment between the two countries, he stated: “Definitely, it’s going to be a huge number,” echoing the palpable excitement among Hong Kong investors eager to capitalise on the vast opportunities offered by the Saudi market.

The executive stated that the convergence of interests between Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia is supported by a notable synergy observed between businesses in both regions, with the goal of forming strategic partnerships.

Hong Kong delegates, including private sector leaders and venture capitalists, are eager to explore collaborative opportunities that align with Vision 2030 goals.

“All these things that we are now finding out allow business leaders to see that some businesses from Hong Kong actually have very, very good synergy with Vision 2030 in your country.”

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