Hundreds Turn out to Support the President of Tunisia.

Hundreds Turn out to Support the President of Tunisia.

TUNIS: On Sunday, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Tunis’s downtown to support President Kais Saied.

On Thursday, President Saied denounced the criticism from other countries as foreign “interference” and ordered the Tunisian Foreign Ministry to call several foreign ambassadors.
On Sunday, demonstrator Sabre Rzigue declared, “No to foreign interference because we are a sovereign state.”

We back the leadership of Tunisia, especially President Kais Saied.

Another protester, Mohamed Hentati, declared, “We are against foreign interference and traitors, even if they are Tunisian.

We want to positively impact history and resist those who would invade our nation and attempt to alter its social structure,” he continued.

The protest and strike by attorneys earlier in the week over police raids and arrests at the National Bar Association also preceded Sunday’s rally.

Saied responded on Thursday that the two attorneys were detained “in full respect for Tunisian law, which guarantees equality and the right to a fair trial.” On Sunday, protesters defended the president. “Kais Saied is superior to all of us,” declared Mahmoud, an unidentified protester. In a related development, four migrants’ bodies were found off the coast of Tunisia, according to the national guard, following a recent surge in the number of boats carrying migrants from Tunisia to Italy.

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