Italy’s Fincantieri Launches a Saudi Shipbuilding unit to Strengthen Collaboration.

Italy’s Fincantieri Launches a Saudi Shipbuilding unit to Strengthen Collaboration.

RIYADH: Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri plans to enhance collaboration with Saudi Arabia through a newly established unit, the company said.

The group disclosed in a press release issued on the sidelines of an industrial conference in Riyadh that Fincantieri Arabia will bolster the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 development agenda in the cruise, defense, and offshore sectors. According to the release, Fincantieri is the only shipbuilding group that operates in all high-tech marine industry sectors.

Furthermore, Fincantieri stated that it intends to share its technological expertise in shipbuilding across the cruise, defence, and offshore sectors, creating opportunities for Saudi nationals.

Pierroberto Folgiero, the company’s CEO, stated: “Our commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is unwavering. Fincantieri stands out in the shipbuilding industry due to its vertically integrated model and leadership in naval, cruise, and oil and gas sectors. We are proud to provide these world-class capabilities, built on decades of naval heritage and excellence, to assist the Kingdom in meeting its Vision 2030 objectives.”

He continued, “Given the maritime industry’s critical role under Vision 2030, we eagerly anticipate forming strategic alliances. Through these collaborations, we hope to improve local technological capabilities, create opportunities for Saudi talent, and promote knowledge exchange.

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