Lectures on Urban Heritage by Saudi Experts are Held in Paris

Lectures on Urban Heritage by Saudi Experts are Held in Paris

RIYADH: The UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s offices in Paris are hosting a series of lectures by Saudi Arabian experts on urban heritage.
According to the Saudi Press Agency, the four lectures on the program, which is organized by the Saudi Heritage Commission, examine some of the organization’s initiatives as well as more general strategies for urban heritage in the Kingdom.

The second lecture examined the evolution of traditional architecture in Al-Ahsa, while the first lecture focused on tangible and intangible approaches to urban heritage preservation.In the third lecture, the impact of foreign architects on Saudi Arabia’s modern architecture was discussed; the fourth and final lecture, which will take place soon, will focus on the Kingdom’s sites that have been inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage List.
As part of the Saudi strategy for culture outlined in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan for the development and diversification of the national economy, the commission stated that the lectures in Paris represent the organization’s efforts to preserve and develop national heritage as well as its work to promote Saudi heritage in international forums.

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