Discover 22 Exciting Activities in Riyadh for the Week Ahead

Discover 22 Exciting Activities in Riyadh for the Week Ahead

Embark on an exciting journey through Riyadh’s dynamic offerings as we present a curated list of 22 captivating activities to enjoy in the city this week. From art exhibitions and gastronomic adventures to unique experiences and family-friendly events, Riyadh promises a week filled with diverse and memorable experiences.

Diriyah Biennale’s “After Rain” Fun:

Discover contemporary art in the historic Diriyah area as the Diriyah Biennale Foundation presents an exhibition themed “After Rain.” Featuring workshops, performances, and a plethora of art, this free exhibition is a must-visit for art enthusiasts seeking cultural enrichment.

Indulge in Pierre Hermé’s Delicacies:

Satisfy your sweet cravings by visiting the newly opened Pierre Hermé pâtisserie at Riyadh’s Four Seasons Hotel. Renowned French pastry chef Pierre Hermé brings his award-winning creations, including his famous macarons, to delight Riyadh’s dessert enthusiasts.

Witness Riyadh’s First Competitive Snow Skiing Event:

Experience the thrill of winter sports in Al Malqa as Riyadh Season hosts its first-ever competitive snow skiing event. Marvel at gravity-defying jumps, snow battles, and more as skiing and snowboarding champions showcase their skills.

Explore the Saudi Arabian Museum of Contemporary Art:

Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art at the Saudi Arabian Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition, titled “In The Night,” features works by 30 international artists, inviting visitors to explore perceptions of darkness and nighttime.


Andalusian Week at Hyatt Regency:

Indulge in a Spanish culinary journey during Andalusian Week at Hyatt Regency. From seafood-focused brunches to set-menu dinners and cooking masterclasses, Chef Juan Franco brings the flavors of Andalusia to Riyadh.

Al Nassr Pop-Up Store at Boulevard City:

For football enthusiasts, a visit to Al Nassr’s pop-up store at Boulevard City is a must. Explore a range of Al Nassr merchandise, including shirts, scarves, and kits, in a vibrant space designed like the team’s locker room.

Disconnect at Ki Saudi:

Embark on a unique dining experience at Ki Saudi in Hittin, where diners are encouraged to lock away their devices during the meal. Indulge in sushi, soups, and gyozas while savoring the moment without social media distractions.

Sociale Café: Hub for Art, Storytelling, and Improv:

Discover a multifaceted space at Sociale Café, offering an art gallery, event space, and a social hub. Attend Memphis exhibitions, storytelling workshops, and improv sessions, fostering creativity and community engagement.

Hi. Bakery: 24/7 Doughnut Delights in Al Thummamah:

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Hi. Bakery in Al Thummamah, where innovative doughnuts, ice cream doughnut sandwiches, and other tempting treats await. The futuristic interiors provide a comfortable space to indulge in delightful desserts.

Battle Kart: The Middle East’s First Interactive Karting Experience:

Experience the adrenaline rush at Battle Kart, the Middle East’s first permanent interactive karting attraction at Game On. Enjoy go-karting with a twist, combining elements of sports, video games, and competitive racing.

Si Café’s Whipped Cream-Topped Hot Chocolate:

Warm up with Si Café’s indulgent hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, chocolate powder, and served with caramel popcorn and a mini croissant. A lesser-known spot for hot chocolate in Riyadh, Si Café’s winter menu is a delightful treat.

House of Hype: Futuristic Spaces for Instagram-Worthy Shots:

Explore the futuristic and colorful spaces at House of Hype, capturing Instagram-worthy shots. From electric jungles to innovative set-ups, this venue offers immersive experiences and stunning backdrops for social media enthusiasts.

Diriyah Nights: Family-Friendly Open-Air Fun:

Join the festivities at Diriyah Nights, a family-friendly event in Bujairi Heritage Park. Featuring contemporary art exhibits, live performances, and hearty food, this event highlights the heritage, art, and culture of Diriyah under the warm glow of lanterns.


Hotel of Terror at Boulevard World:

For thrill-seekers, the Hotel of Terror at Boulevard World offers a classic haunted house experience. Investigate the mysteries and eerie happenings at this creaking Italian hotel, providing a spine-chilling adventure.

Lionel Messi Museum at Boulevard City:

Football fans can explore the Lionel Messi Museum at Boulevard City, showcasing memorabilia from the Al Nassr captain’s illustrious career. Admire trophies, including the Ballon d’Or and The Golden Boot, in this captivating exhibition.

Noor Riyadh’s Continuing Exhibition:

Experience the continuation of Noor Riyadh’s light festival at JAX District with the “Refracting Identities, Shared Futures” exhibit. Wander among stunning light installations created by over 30 international artists, contributing to Riyadh’s illuminated atmosphere.

Seasonal Delights at Myazu:

Indulge in the seasonal menu at Myazu, featuring meticulously crafted plates such as wagyu beef skewers, tuna tataki, and wagyu croquettes. Explore the culinary offerings of winter with these beautifully composed dishes.

Interactive Life-Sized Monopoly at Boulevard World:

Engage in a giant game of Monopoly at Boulevard World’s interactive life-sized gameboard. Experience the excitement of navigating the board, passing Go, and collecting 200 in this thrilling 80-minute activity.

Strike10: Funky Bowling Experience in The View Mall:

Bowling enthusiasts can head to Strike10 in The View Mall for a funky and quirky bowling experience. With flashing neon lights, ample lanes, and a dining section, Strike10 offers a lively atmosphere for bowling aficionados.

Echoing the Land Exhibition at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall:

Explore the “Echoing the Land” exhibition at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall, uncovering interpretations of Saudi identity by local artists. This thought-provoking exhibition is a window into the diverse perspectives shaping the Saudi cultural landscape.

Conclusion: Riyadh emerges as a city brimming with diverse and exciting activities, catering to art lovers, food enthusiasts, sports fans, and families alike. This week’s curated list invites residents and visitors to immerse themselves in Riyadh’s cultural richness, culinary delights, and thrilling experiences, ensuring a week filled with unforgettable moments and exploration.

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