Saudi Arabian CEO to Attend Harvard University’s Gulf Creatives Conference

Saudi Arabian CEO to Attend Harvard University’s Gulf Creatives Conference

RIYADH: According to a Sunday Saudi Press Agency report, Majid Ibrahim Al-Fayyadh, CEO of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, will participate in the Gulf Creatives Conference at Harvard University from 10–12. The conference will serve as a forum for prominent academic voices from the Arab Gulf countries to shed light on the region’s achievements and areas of expertise across a range of disciplines and to map out future directions.

Representing the dynamic potential and innovative spirit of the GCC in fields like sports, the arts, media, entrepreneurship, technology, non-profit work, public policy, and healthcare, the conference will bring together eminent leaders from the public and private sectors.

The student-run group that advocates for students attending Ivy League colleges is in charge of organizing the event.
There will be five workshops and 24 discussion sessions at the GCC event.
All participants are encouraged to actively participate in discussions covering public policy landscapes, innovation strategies, and the future landscape of healthcare.

Al-Fayyadh will deliver a keynote speech at the function, highlighting the center’s accomplishments and emphasizing its critical role in furthering Saudi Arabia’s healthcare reform initiative.
He will also highlight the hospital’s dedication to innovation and quality by outlining its vision for healthcare in the area and worldwide.

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