The Saudi Film Industry Brings in Around $1 Billion Annually.

The Saudi Film Industry Brings in Around $1 Billion Annually.

RIYADH: Government statistics shows that Saudi Arabia’s big screen industry has generated SR3.7 billion ($986 million) in revenue in just six years since it opened its first theaters.

The General Authority for Media Regulation reported that from April 2018 to March of this year, the industry sold more than 61 million tickets. 1,971 films, 45 produced locally, have been screened throughout this time, demonstrating the Kingdom’s expanding entertainment industry.

Saudi Arabia’s quick embrace of cultural events is reflected in this division’s notable expansion, which aligns with the country’s Vision 2030 objectives to improve living standards and diversify the economy.

As reported by Saudi Gazette, Hanaa Al-Omair, president of the Saudi Cinema Association, emphasized the rapidly rising cinema sector in Saudi Arabia, calling it the most rapidly growing market in the Middle East. She said that approximately nineteen local films were produced for Saudi cinema last year, indicating a promising future for the sector.

The data also shows how the nation’s movie theater infrastructure is growing. Currently, Saudi Arabia has 66 theaters with roughly 618 screens and 63,373 seats. These facilities, dispersed over 22 cities and run by about six different companies, demonstrate how widely accessible entertainment venues are in the Kingdom.

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