Two coffee cultures are blended by Saudi Coffee Co. and Bieder & Maier.

Two coffee cultures are blended by Saudi Coffee Co. and Bieder & Maier.

RIYADH: The Saudi Coffee Company and Viennese coffee producer Bieder & Maier recently celebrated the international premiere of their “Premium Saudi Blend” in the Kingdom and Austria.

Coffee culture from Saudi Arabia and Austria comes together with the product debut. In Vienna and Riyadh, attendees sampled the recently developed coffee roast, suitable for both cold brewing and espresso filtering.

The CEO of the Saudi Coffee Company, Khalid AbuTheeb, told Arab News that “coffee is an embodiment of our culture and identity.” “We’ve partnered with Bieder & Maier, a major player in the coffee industry based in Vienna, to strengthen the local coffee sector and promote our coffee tradition.”

AbuTheeb said the Saudi Ministry of Investment was instrumental in facilitating the collaboration. “Through this partnership, The Saudi Coffee Company will introduce distinctive coffee blends to the Saudi and Austrian markets, utilizing Saudi coffee beans in combination with foreign beans,” he stated.

AbuTheeb claims that they will provide the best Saudi coffee beans straight from the Jazan area.

“We are not just content to embrace tradition as we explore roasting capabilities here in the Kingdom; we are striving to shape the future of coffee, where innovation intersects with heritage on a global scale,” he stated.

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