Royal Reserve Gives Birth to Chicks of Endangered Red-necked Ostriches.

Royal Reserve Gives Birth to Chicks of Endangered Red-necked Ostriches.

RIYADH: Three red-necked ostrich chicks, which are critically endangered, have been declared born by the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Nature Reserve Development Authority.

The Saudi Press Agency said on Friday that the birds, thought to be extinct in the Kingdom’s northern region for a century, have now returned as a result of the ITBA’s efforts. In late 2021, the ITBA launched an ostrich-resettlement effort with the goal of creating a natural habitat suitable for two of the birds. The ostriches successfully acclimated to the reserve’s environment and produced 12 eggs in the spring of 2024, demonstrating the success of this endeavor.

Reintroducing rare species into their native habitats has been the goal of the ITBA, which is dedicated to promoting wildlife development, protecting biodiversity, and restoring the environment.

These initiatives are helping many rare species, like the Arabian oryx and sand gazelle.

The ITBA is responsible for 138 species, which include the Asian bustard, among other birds and reptiles, cats, hares, Arabian wolves, and numerous fox species In the northeastern region of the Kingdom, the reserve occupies an area of 91,000 square kilometers. Hiking, wildlife viewing, and ecotourism are the main draws for visitors.

In addition, the reserve provides cultural events that let guests engage with the local Bedouin people, discover more about their customs, and savor regional cuisine.

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