As Eid Draws Near, Traditional Markets in Saudi Arabia Flourish.

As Eid Draws Near, Traditional Markets in Saudi Arabia Flourish.

RIYADH: As the fasting month of Ramadan ends, people swarm to buy toys, clothes, and sweets in anticipation of the Eid Al-Fitr celebration.

According to Madawi Al-Blushi, a customer at Riyadh’s Al-Owais traditional market, Eid is a memorable occasion for the entire Muslim community, not just themselves. She made this statement to Arab News. We are going shopping first for gowns and other essentials, like thobes for the Eid celebration. After that, we’ll shop for more kid-friendly toys, candy, and gifts.

Before Eid, families gathered at the traditional market where Arab News was present to purchase new products, as many shops and stores in Saudi Arabia closed.

Al-Owais Market is among the various places that sell abayas, gowns, and shoes. In addition, the market offers furniture and other home goods for sale. Many people in Riyadh consider buying traditional goods a must. My family and I came here (Al-Owais Market) after Taraweeh (prayer),” Al-Blushi continued. Since it’s the weekend and the final ten days of Ramadan are quickly approaching, we anticipated that it would be busy.

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