“Below the Surface”Delves Deeply into the Coral World.

“Below the Surface”Delves Deeply into the Coral World.

JEDDAH: A group of ocean lovers recently watched the documentary “Beneath the Surface: The Fight for Corals,” which was created by Red Sea Global in association with Warner Bros. Discovery, about the condition of coral reefs.

The 45-minute film, published on Earth Day, showcases Red Sea corals’ remarkable resilience and potential to improve coral health worldwide by following environmentalist and free diver Salma Shaker of Saudi Arabia on a voyage of discovery and hope. In this current series, which airs on the Discovery channel in over 130 countries, viewers are taken on a voyage below the depths of the sea, where these dynamic underwater ecosystems are situated.

Beneath the Surface”‘s main goal is to raise awareness of the hidden gems that are the coral reefs of the Red Sea, emphasizing their biological richness and crucial role in maintaining the world ecology.

The documentary claims that “the coral reefs in the oceans are the backbone of the planet’s entire ecosystem on which humans survive.” “Nevertheless, pollution and climate change pose a threat to their continued existence.” In the documentary, Shaker is shown as a young Saudi leader who encourages people to prioritize preserving the coral reefs and the Red Sea environment.

The documentary explores in depth her relationship with her father, who played a significant role in forming her bond with the water. As a fisherman, diver, and marine geologist, he imparted to her and her siblings a deep love for the ocean.

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