Seamless Human Resource Solutions With GoGlobal: Nick Broughton

Seamless Human Resource Solutions With GoGlobal: Nick Broughton

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Nick Broughton, Partner at GoGlobal. With over 17 years of experience, Nick Broughton is passionate about bridging talent gaps and fostering global connections. He applies this professional expertise across executive search, workforce management, and Employer of Record (EOR) markets, helping clients build and manage international teams.

With a global presence, GoGlobal helps companies hire people anywhere without setting up local entities. As a partner in the company, Nick plays a crucial role in strategically growing GoGlobal’s business and positioning it as a leading EOR. In this insightful interview, Nick shares his journey and inspiration behind it, challenges, misconceptions, and the industry’s future while sharing invaluable suggestions for aspiring professionals.

Spark Behind GoGlobal

We started the interview by asking, “What inspired you to start your professional journey in this field?”

Nick responds, “My journey in the executive search, workforce management, and International EOR markets was fueled by my passion for building global teams and facilitating international business expansion. I’ve always been driven to bridge talent gaps and foster global connections. At GoGlobal, we embody this mission by enabling companies to hire internationally without the complexities of setting up local entities.”

A Glimpse Of Nick’s Journey

To learn more about Nick Broughton and his professional journey, we asked, “Could you tell us more about yourself and your business?

He shared, “GoGlobal is a people-first Talent Acquisition, HR, and Employer of Record (EOR) service provider, with a globally distributed, naturally diverse remote workforce. Our technology-enabled EOR solution allows companies of all sizes to hire people anywhere worldwide without setting up a local entity, opening new doors to rapid expansion and growth. With a local on-the-ground presence in 85 countries across six continents and growing, GoGlobal helps clients recruit, hire, manage, and pay exceptional talent – quickly, cost-effectively, and compliantly.

As a Partner at GoGlobal located in the UAE, I leverage my extensive experience in executive search and workforce management and lead our global Recruit & Hire team as one of my core focus areas. Through this solution, companies can hire the best people anywhere in the world — without worrying about compliance and regulations. We know where to find the best people for hard-to-fill roles and have in-country experts in 85 countries who speak the local language and understand the culture and regulations.”

Bursting Misconceptions

Every industry has inevitable misinterpretations that revolve around it. We asked, “What’s a common misconception about your industry or role that you’d like to address?”

Nick replied, “A common misconception is that remote work and international expansion lack the efficiency of traditional setups. In reality, businesses can achieve even greater efficiency and effectiveness with strategic approaches like combining EOR services with recruitment expertise. GoGlobal’s technology-enabled EOR solution is a testament to how remote work can seamlessly integrate into global business strategies.”

Adaptability Amidst Challenges

Challenges are an inevitable part of any business journey. So, we asked, “What have been the major challenges in your business? How did you overcome it?”

He shared, “One of the major challenges in our business is navigating diverse international employment laws and cultural differences. We overcome these challenges by hiring subject matter experts in 85 countries where we have on-the-ground employees. This allows us to integrate local knowledge with our global strategy, ensuring compliant and effective solutions for our clients.”

Plans We Asked Nick Broughton

We further asked, “Tell us more about your professional goals and how you aim to achieve them?”

“My goal is to solidify GoGlobal as THE de facto global Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management market leader. Achieving this requires a relentless work ethic, continuous refinements and improvements, listening to our clients’ ever-changing needs, and being conscious of rapidly changing and evolving macro conditions. With GoGlobal’s expansive network and operational infrastructure across Europe, APAC, the Americas, and MEA, we are uniquely positioned to recruit, hire and manage talent in these markets.

Now based in Dubai, I am keenly focused on promoting the UAE and the Middle East as critical destinations for global business expansion and the recruitment of top talent. I see both the UAE and Saudi Arabia as ideal launches for MNCs aiming to venture into the MENA region, thanks to its straightforward business environment, robust supply chain, cutting-edge innovation, and world-class workforce.

We’re excited to offer our cost-effective, high-quality EOR solutions to global businesses eyeing the UAE and Saudi Arabia, helping them tap into this vibrant and dynamic market.” He shared.

Encouraging Cooperation

We were curious to learn the approaches adopted by Nick Broughton to foster teamwork within the organization. So, we asked, “How do you foster collaboration and teamwork within your organization or group?”

Nick replied, “In our organization, collaboration is fostered through a culture of open communication and mutual respect. We encourage team members to share insights and ideas, valuing diverse perspectives to drive innovation and problem-solving. GoGlobal’s naturally diverse remote workforce is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and teamwork.”

Future Of The Industry

To learn more about Nick Broughton’s insight on the future of his industry, we asked, “How do you envision the future of your industry or field in the next 5-10 years?”

Nick replied, “In the next 5-10 years, I envision a significant shift towards more diverse and globally dispersed teams, focusing on specialized skills in areas like AI and cybersecurity. We will see a rise in demand for roles that drive technological innovation and address evolving business needs. GoGlobal is geared to be at the forefront of this transformation, enabling businesses to leverage global talent effectively.”

Setting GoGlobal Apart

We were intrigued to learn about the services offered by Nick Broughton’s organization. So, we asked, “What would you like to tell our visitors about your services?”

GoGlobal offers our clients a comprehensive suite of services, including global talent acquisition, Employer of Record, Independent Contractor Management, and payments. Our services help clients recruit, hire, manage, and pay exceptional talent worldwide.” He replied.

Words Of Wisdom

We asked Nick Broughton to share some advice addressing aspiring entrepreneurs starting in this field, “Do you have a piece of advice that you would like to say to people just starting in this industry?”

Nick shared, “For those starting in this industry, I advise staying adaptable and continuously updating your knowledge. Global talent acquisition constantly evolves, so being flexible and proactive in learning new trends and technologies are keys to success.

I am a remote work champion and believe it offers many benefits to companies that can look beyond their borders to hire top talent anywhere in the world. This is especially true regarding hard-to-fill roles like developers and software engineers. Building a remote workforce helps to create a diverse and inclusive team and environment. For employees, remote work offers many benefits, with the ability to travel and work, scheduling flexibility, and work-life balance, to name a few.”

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