Cool Comfort Comes with Ramadan and the End of Winter.

Cool Comfort Comes with Ramadan and the End of Winter.

RIYADH: Muslims who fast have found the holy month of Ramadan, which began on March 11 and is primarily observed at the end of Saudi Arabia’s winter, to be a pleasant experience.

The lunar Hijri calendar determines the start of the holy month, which varies annually based on crescent moon sightings. 29 and 30 days alternate in a Hijri month. Because of this, a Hijri year is roughly 11 days shorter than its Gregorian counterpart, consisting of 354–355. As a result, the number of Ramadan days varies yearly.

Fasting at the end of winter, observed in March for the first time in many years, has made the experience much more comfortable and enjoyable, according to Abdur Rahman Oomeri, a longtime Riyadh school employee, who spoke with Arab News.

Because of heavy rainfall, last year’s Ramadan was likewise pleasant. However, he added that the Kingdom has recently had to deal with the difficulty of fasting during long, sweltering summer days.

We are very grateful for this pleasant change, as it makes fasting less physically taxing. In addition, the milder temperatures make it possible to enjoy outdoor activities both before and after iftar with loved ones.

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