More Seedlings of Bananas are Grown in Saudi Arabia Earlier

More Seedlings of Bananas are Grown in Saudi Arabia Earlier

RIYADH: The Saudi Press Agency said on Wednesday that the Kingdom is producing a growing number of bananas seedlings, proving sustainable and cost-effective. The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture is leading the program. The Kingdom is producing several kinds, especially in Jazan, where the environment is suitable for growing them.

In both greenhouses and open fields, the ministry’s Center for Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology has produced high-quality, disease-free seedlings. According to the SPA, this accomplishment significantly impacts the agriculture industry since it increases productivity and sustainability.

The government claims that localizing production draws investment in tissue culture technologies, which benefits the nation’s economy. When compared to importing seedlings, the current manufacturing of seedlings can save costs by up to 25%.

By 2030, the government intends to install four million lemon trees using renewable water sources and 45 million fruit trees on agricultural terraces for general fruit production. The Agricultural Development Fund and private sector organizations will work together to carry out these projects as part of the Saudi Green Initiative.

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