During Ramadan, an art exhibition explores spirituality and the senses.

During Ramadan, an art exhibition explores spirituality and the senses.

RIYADH: This Ramadan, 33 works by artists from the Kingdom’s capital were on show at the upscale shopping center Centria.

Under the topic “Senses and Spirituality,” and curated by Saudi designer Amar Alamdar, the exhibition offered a venue for showcasing the featured artists’ interpretations of the genuine meanings of the holy month and its surrounding culture. The Ekhaa Charitable Foundation for Orphan Care will receive the earnings from the exhibition’s silent auction in keeping with the Islamic principle of generosity, one of Islam’s central tenets.

Meshal bin Diran is a visual artist who communicates through color and composition. He is passionate about unlocking their mysteries. Pens, paint, and brushes are just instruments to capture his feelings forever. With a distinctive use of color and composition, his work verges on abstract surrealism painting without any obvious components.

Targeting spirituality is hard because it’s formed from culture, whether through religion or other old customs. I returned to the notion of spirituality that makes sense to me: prayer, along with all of its attendant aspects of cleanliness, reverence, calm, and concentration.

In an almost whimsical rendition, his picture uses vibrant yet gentle pastel colors. The piece, set in the mosque, the center of the spiritual act, includes details like the masjid entrance, hearts hanging from the arches, and prayer beads that look like the ones he wears around his neck.

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