CXO Genie Expands Footprint in the Middle East, Enhancing Peer Networking Opportunities for Business Leaders

CXO Genie Expands Footprint in the Middle East, Enhancing Peer Networking Opportunities for Business Leaders

Dubai, UAE – CXO Genie, the premier networking platform for C-suite executives and senior business leaders, is pleased to announce its expansion into the Middle East. This strategic move aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing among top-tier executives in one of the world’s most vibrant and rapidly growing business regions.

Conceptualized by visionary startup investor Vinay Bansal, Founder of CXO Genie, it was established in 2013 and has since become the most trusted network for over 2000 CXOs. Learn more about CXO Genie at

CFO Genie Middle East Forum

The platform, known for its robust and secure networking capabilities, has launched its first forum catering to Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). This forum will provide financial leaders with unique opportunities to connect, share insights, and collaborate on strategic and leadership initiatives.

“We are thrilled to bring CXO Genie to the Middle East,” said Dhawal Parvartikar, Forum Anchor, CFO Genie Middle East. “This region is home to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking business leaders in the world. By expanding our footprint here, we aim to create a vibrant community where executives can engage in meaningful dialogue, gain valuable perspectives, and drive their organizations toward greater success.”

The forum offers a suite of features designed to enhance executive networking, including:

  • Exclusive Peer Group: Tailored group connecting CFOs from diverse industries to facilitate focused discussions and problem-solving.
  • An App-based Platform: The CXO Genie App leverages the power of technology, enabling quick solutions within 15 minutes!
  • In-Person and Virtual Events: A range of events, from webinars to high-level conferences, providing platforms for learning and networking.
  • Knowledge Sharing Hub: Access to a repository of proprietary content – more than 300 insightful sessions, 50+ white papers & surveys, and other thought leadership articles contributed by industry experts.

CFO Genie Middle East Connect, Dubai – Launch Event

With its presence in the Middle East, CXO Genie is set to become the go-to platform for executive networking in the region. The expansion also includes region-specific content and events tailored to the distinctive business landscape and challenges faced by Middle Eastern leaders. Kicking off with an inaugural CFO Genie Middle East Connect in Dubai, industry experts converged to delve into the theme of collaborative procurement excellence.

This exclusive event brought together thought leaders and executives, providing a platform to share insights and strategies on the topic. The keynote address, delivered by Sulaiman Abdulla from the Administrative Affairs Department, Federal Tax Authority, underscored the pivotal role of synergy between Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs), emphasizing the importance of building collaboration to achieve dynamic sourcing and agility. Attendees had the opportunity to cultivate lasting relationships, expand their professional networks, and forge partnerships across industries.

More networking events are on the horizon in the Middle East for CFOs. The latest forum will host a diverse series of events featuring keynote speeches from renowned industry leaders, panel discussions on pressing business topics, and embodying the ethos of collaborative learning and collective wisdom that defines CXO Genie’s global community.

For more information on upcoming events and the CFO Genie Middle East forum, visit or connect with Dhawal Parvartikar at

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