Saudi Arabia is Expected to Endure Intense Heatwaves this Month

Saudi Arabia is Expected to Endure Intense Heatwaves this Month

In late July and early August, temperatures in Saudi Arabia are predicted to reach 50 degrees Celsius.

Due to the extreme heat predicted for the month, Riyadh and other Eastern Province cities were placed on high alert by the meteorological agency. On Tuesday, the maximum temperature in Riyadh reached 44 C, while in Dammam it reached 47 C.

The National Center of Meteorology predicts that this month will have high temperatures in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh and the Eastern Province are predicted to suffer intense heat from Monday, July 1, till Friday, July 12, 2024. Maximum temperatures are predicted to reach 47 C in Riyadh and 49–50 C in Dammam.

Parts of Madinah and Makkah are expected to see similar conditions, with highs of 42–45 degrees Celsius.

According to the NCM, there will be heatwave conditions for the duration of the month and into the first week of August. In certain locations, such as Riyadh, the Eastern Province, and the Makkah region, the authorities issued a severe weather warning, also known as an orange alert.

An orange signal indicates that high temperatures are anticipated and that extended sun exposure is likely to cause ailments related to the heat.

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