Conference in Riyadh to Showcase Trends in Customer Experience

Conference in Riyadh to Showcase Trends in Customer Experience

On Tuesday, July 9, the fourth E3 Customer Experience Conference will take place in Riyadh. Its purpose is to explore the most recent innovations and trends in technology that can boost customer experiences, foster innovation, and make it easier for experts to share their experiences with one another.

About 750 people from more than 30 nations are expected to attend the two-day conference, which is being hosted by the National Customer Experience Academy, or NCXA.

According to an NCXA statement, “the conference is an opportunity to engage with global leaders in customer experience from a variety of industries, including banking, healthcare, e-commerce, government, telecom, and retail.”

Under the theme “Transforming Experiences, Empowering Success,” the NCXA will be hosting a hackathon in conjunction with the conference.

Arab News was informed by NCXA board member Abdulaziz Alosime that the Saudi market is growing at a phenomenal rate and places a high priority on customer satisfaction. It has become considerably closer to SR50 billion ($13.3 billion), according to estimates.

“By creating creative solutions, fostering creativity, identifying talent, and boosting collaboration and knowledge between the participating university students and teams of professionals in the public and private sectors, the hackathon seeks to improve interaction with customers,” Alosime continued.

The conference will cover themes pertaining to contemporary technology in the industry, including virtual experiences, AI and automated chat, and data analysis that optimize customer interactions and boost loyalty. There will be a ton of workshops and specialty sessions.

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