First Saudi Green Initiative Day is Observed in the Kingdom.

First Saudi Green Initiative Day is Observed in the Kingdom.

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia commemorated its inaugural Saudi Green Initiative Day on Wednesday, emphasizing the value of leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations.

The recently announced event honors Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s inauguration of the SGI on March 27, 2021, and symbolizes the Kingdom’s commitment to moving toward a greener future. According to the Saudi Press Agency, this year’s theme, For Our Today and Their Tomorrow: KSA Together for a Greener Future, highlights the partnership of more than 80 public and private sector projects that are part of the SGI.

In keeping with Vision 2030’s goals, the initiatives, which total more than SR705 billion ($188 billion) in investments in the green economy, are meant to improve living standards and promote economic development in developing areas.

Through reducing the effects of dust storms, raising rainfall, and halting sand encroachment and desertification, the SGI has also been instrumental in protecting livelihoods, restoring natural habitats, and maintaining unique biodiversity.

With 18.1 percent of land and 6.49 percent of marine areas currently protected—thanks in part to conservation initiatives that have successfully restored more than 1,660 threatened creatures to their native habitats—significant progress has been achieved toward the objective.

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