Riyadh’s Youth are Forging a New Global Narrative in Everything from Arts to Apps.

Riyadh’s Youth are Forging a New Global Narrative in Everything from Arts to Apps.

RIYADH: The Saudi capital’s youth are prepared to transform the city’s environment and position Riyadh as a center of vibrant social advancement.

From innovative entrepreneurship and cultural innovation to grassroots community organizing, the new generation of changemakers positions itself as the engine for constructive change within their community.

According to entArabi’s chief editor Talal Al-Hammad, these trailblazers are leading a big movement toward inclusive and sustainable development.

We have real problem solvers who creatively solve problems specific to Saudi society.
“They’re causing waves in several industries, including blockchain, edtech, proptech, fintech, and artificial intelligence.”

He cited the Barakah and Hemam apps as two instances of these young entrepreneurs’ beneficial contributions.

The Barakah app, co-founded by Abdulaziz Al-Saud and Rabah Habiss, uses a mobile platform to provide discounts on excess food from supermarkets and restaurants to combat food waste.

EntArabi plays a critical role in this ecosystem by supporting youth, highlighting their achievements, offering a inclusive and sustainable development. comprehensive directory of startups and sharing founders’ stories to inspire others.

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