Ramadan Bazaar Entices the Senses With Music, Art, and Regional Cuisine.

Ramadan Bazaar Entices the Senses With Music, Art, and Regional Cuisine.

RIYADH: This week, Diriyah’s JAX Ramadan Market opened, featuring mouthwatering food, art, and music. The market is part of the Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale’s “Layali Biennale” program.

Jood Marzouqi, a guest, told Arab News, “The (JAX) Ramadan market is such a cute idea… the atmosphere, the music, the food, the people, all of it is such a fun vibe for Ramadan nights.” Until April 1, the JAX Ramadan Market is accessible to the public from 8:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., providing guests with a modern take on regional Ramadan specialties.

“We curated a diverse range of businesses that offer distinctive and high-quality products,” Ismail stated. We also considered elements like product authenticity, cultural relevance, and the capacity to offer guests a wonderful experience.

“The objective was to establish a lively and entertaining market highlighting the finest of Ramadan’s most well-known cuisine.”  Visitors may enjoy live piano and oud performances as they shop. The market has set up a large table where people can gather to eat and converse, promoting the spirit of togetherness throughout Ramadan.

Also at the market, The Truffleers, a luxury chocolate truffle company in Saudi Arabia, features several varieties of products, including salted-butter caramel truffles, pure chocolate truffles, Arabian coffee beans, and cookie crisps.

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