Hail and Torrential Rains Pounded the Asir Region.

Hail and Torrential Rains Pounded the Asir Region.

Starting Sunday morning, most of the southern Asir region saw heavy to moderate rain and hail showers. In addition to the governorates of Rijal Alma’, Al-Namas, and Tanuma, heavy rains was experienced in the majority of the governorates and cities in the region, including the cities of Abha and Khamis Mushayt. Along with the rain, hailstones coated several of the main streets and roads.

To restore the disrupted vehicular traffic, the local authorities have recruited municipal personnel and field teams to collect hail stones that had severely fallen on the region’s key highways and streets.

Rain was received in a number of the Asir region’s governorates, including Sarat Ubaida, Ahad Rufaidah, Balqarn, Barq, Mahayil, Al-Majaridah, and various town centers connected to Tarib, Al-Amwah, and Bisha.

Fog enveloped the city of Abha, the governorates of Al-Namas and Tanoma, and the town centers connected to them; in high-altitude spots like Al-Souda Center, the temperature dropped to less than 10 degrees. Flood water formed in fields and valleys due to heavy rainfall that caused torrents to surge across some valleys and reefs.

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