Saudi Arabia’s Doha Expo Pavilion Breaks World Records and Wins Five Trophies.

Saudi Arabia’s Doha Expo Pavilion Breaks World Records and Wins Five Trophies.

RIYADH: The 5,000 square meter Saudi pavilion at the Doha Horticultural Expo 2023 broke world records, received five honors, and attracted 1.8 million visitors.

The Saudi Press Agency said on Saturday that Mount Tuwaiq inspired the pavilion’s lush green design. The Saudi campaign’s head director, Saleh Bindakhil, said the pavilion offered a “groundbreaking digital experience” focused on environmental sustainability and agriculture.

It demonstrated over eighty successful Saudi projects and efforts that aligned with the exhibition’s goals. According to Bindakhil, the pavilion achieved world records and won five honors. Its goal was to encourage the international community to fight desertification.

An amazing array of 435 external LED columns broke the Guinness World Record for the largest display of outside LED screens.

The pavilion welcomed visitors from around the world, offering communications in seven languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Persian. Its numerous sections showcased the diversity and richness of the Kingdom.

In addition, the pavilion won a Gold French Design Award in the interior design and architecture area and a Gold Muse Award in the conceptual design and events category.

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