A Saudi Organization Begins Launching Programs to Reduce Food Waste.

A Saudi Organization Begins Launching Programs to Reduce Food Waste.

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has started several programs targeted at reducing food waste.

The Grace Preservation Foundation’s strategic programs were revealed at a ceremony in conjunction with the recent International Day of Zero Waste celebrations in Riyadh.

Majed Al-Hogail, the Saudi Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing, attended the launch event along with other top officials and board members.

The foundation’s chairman, Al-Hogail, emphasized the importance of educating people about the negative effects that food waste has on society, the environment, and the economy.

He praised the foundation’s dedication to developing novel approaches and enhancing stakeholder collaboration to advance sustainability objectives.

Officials also launched the Grace Preservation platform and app, offering various services to associations in the food service industry and wider community.

In keeping with Islamic principles that promote moderation, food preservation, waste reduction, and the equitable sharing of surplus to those in need, Foundation CEO Abdullah Binsaeed emphasized the significance of collaboration between individuals, the public, and the private sectors to conserve food.

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