Makkah Hotels are “Honored” to Host Pilgrims’ Celebrations.

Makkah Hotels are “Honored” to Host Pilgrims’ Celebrations.

MAKKAH: Spending Eid in the two holy towns of Makkah and Madinah provides tourists and pilgrims with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Saudi culture.

During the celebration days, the hotels in the holy cities greet their tourists with a pleasant atmosphere and traditional Saudi food and drinks. Serving Hajj and Umrah pilgrims is considered an incredible honor by employees in the hospitality industry,” Dawla Al-Malki, front office manager at Hilton Riyadh Olaya, told Arab News. Since pilgrims are considered the most important visitors, they feel bound to provide a proper service and treat them respectfully.

Because this delight is an extension of a faith trip that has a big influence on guests, hotel staff was excited to look after pilgrims and create the perfect celebration environment after a month of fasting, she explained.

Most hotels prepare celebration feasts during the three days of Eid Al-Fitr. Al-Malki stated, “Visitors have an incredible experience learning about Saudi culture thanks to decorations created especially for the event.”

According to her, some hotels promoted traditional sadu weaving and artwork from southern Saudi Arabia, while others emphasized the stunning scenery and mountains of Makkah, or the hospitality and desert culture of the Kingdom.

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