Trio of Colours as Pilgrims Celebrate Eid in Makkah

Trio of Colours as Pilgrims Celebrate Eid in Makkah

MAKKAH: As pilgrims dress to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, parts of the Grand Mosque are transformed into a vibrant symphony of colors that highlight the diversity of the Muslim community. Travelers from all over the world dressed elegantly, join in the festive mood and embrace their cultural backgrounds as they celebrated Eid with other guests.

Hotel employee Arwa Al-Harbi highlighted how pilgrims and tourists are becoming increasingly fascinated in Saudi culture due to the Kingdom’s increased global openness.

“Traditional Saudi clothes like the mishlah and the appropriate times to wear the classic red and white ghutra are now highly sought after by tourists, who recognize the elegance and history associated with these pieces of clothing,” the spokesperson stated.

Al-Harbi corrects misunderstandings caused by inaccurate depictions in the media and highlights the grace and beauty of Saudi clothing.

Gulf teens are often portrayed as messy in movies and television plays, which feeds into many onlookers’ perceptions. However, with more scrutiny, these beliefs are shown to be false, as tourists recognize the complexity, charm, and elegance of Saudi clothing. This helps to reinforce the actual image of Arab youth, the speaker remarked.

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