Eidiyah: A Lovingly Wrapped Present

Eidiyah: A Lovingly Wrapped Present

RIYADH: Exchanging Eid gifts, or Eidiyah, is one of the most cherished Eid Al-Fitr traditions worldwide. It is a genuine means of showing love and gratitude to family and friends.

Following the holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims must fast from sunrise to sunset, Eid is a time of celebration, thankfulness, and community. It is a month-long period of prayer, reflection, and spiritual resetting that comes to an end on Eid.

Money is the most popular Eidiyah among all age groups. It is given as a gift to all family members at Eid, including adults, kids, the old, and everyone else. This gesture symbolizes love and charity amongst family members.

Sweets are another option during Eidiyah. Eid is almost often celebrated with sweets in Saudi homes. Sweets are usually on display in large rooms where family gather throughout the first three days of Eid, along with other delicious pastries and Saudi coffee.

In addition to standard candies and chocolate, traditional pastries like kulaija (made with date paste), mamoul (baked with date paste and butter), and honey and lemon mixed with spices and herbs can also be considered sweets. Some add cinnamon, raisins, and coconut flakes as garnishes for the sweets.

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