Saudi Kids Enjoy the Al-Hawwamah Custom.

Saudi Kids Enjoy the Al-Hawwamah Custom.

RIYADH: Children in the Najd region run about lit neighborhoods dressed in traditional attire, spreading festive enthusiasm during Al-Hawwamah, much like the Gargee’an festival on the east coast of the Saudi Kingdom. Families open their doors and join in the festivities during this happy and communal time.

The custom is widely observed in many regions of Riyadh, for instance, and is observed either on Eid Al-Fitr or during Ramadan, contingent upon the family’s traditions. In English, al-Hawwamah translates to “wandering around.” Eager to get biscuits and candy, children dress in their finest attire and go around their neighborhood while singing traditional songs at Al-Hawwamah.

One of the two Islamic holidays, Eid Al-Fitr, occurs at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and concentrate all their days on prayer and supplication.

In our area, Al-Hawwamah was beautiful and straightforward. The mosque’s imam gathered the kids. It was well-run, according to Riyadh resident Rana Waleed. There are occasions when the celebration goes beyond the community; some people plan events in public spaces like malls.

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