Sales of incense and oud an increase in Riyadh Before Eid

Sales of incense and oud an increase in Riyadh Before Eid

RIYADH: According to the Saudi Press Agency, Riyadh marketplaces are witnessing a spike in demand for oud (agarwood) and incense in the run-up to Eid Al-Fitr.

The aromas are firmly ingrained in the Kingdom’s culture, playing a vital role in the reception of guests and Eid customs that involve exchanging well wishes. The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority’s official data indicates a notable volume of oud imports. In the first quarter of 2024 and the second half of 2023, the Kingdom purchased 1,513 kg of oud oil and 1,145,498 kg of oud.

The kind and caliber of the oud determine how much it costs. Rare and natural oud can command enormous prices; one kilogram can get for as much as SR400,000 ($107,000).

Improved oud can cost anywhere from SR100 to SR6,000 per ounce, depending on the quality and amount of oil content. It has been treated to improve its aroma and appearance, such as by adding essential oils, resins, or dyes to change the wood’s natural qualities.

These elements are frequently connected to the Southeast Asian nation of origin. India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia are among the leading exporters. Oud is a highly prized wood recognized for its longevity, with its aroma becoming more assertive with age.

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