A Japanese Group Hopes to see Energy Transformation Initiatives in Saudi Arabia

A Japanese Group Hopes to see Energy Transformation Initiatives in Saudi Arabia

Tokyo: As the globe shifts to renewable energy, ties with Japan are getting stronger. This summer, the Japanenese Organization for Metals and Energy Security research division held collaborative seminars with KAPSARC, a Saudi Arabian energy think tank.

Toyoda Kohei of JOGMEC’s Energy Research Division described the primary initiatives of the division in an interview with Arab News Japan.

According to Toyoda, one of the most significant commercial ventures between Saudi Arabia and Japan is the Petro Rabigh petrochemical project. Since 2005, Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical have collaborated to supply petroleum and petrochemical products.

Japan and Saudi Arabia are working on joint oil stockpile projects in the energy sector. “It’s a project where Japan lends Saudi Aramco private oil tanks and prioritizes Japanese companies in an emergency,” Toyoda explained.This project benefits Saudi Aramco’s oil sales in Asia and Japan’s energy security. JOGMEC has also been offering technical training. We have now hosted eight guests from Saudi Arabia.

Although Saudi Arabia is Japan’s leading supplier of crude oil, both nations have made strides in several energy-related areas, most notably energy transitions. Toyoda declared, “Japan has few resources, while Saudi Arabia has abundant resources in the country.

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