Leading the Battle to Clean up the Desert are Riyadh Medical Students

Leading the Battle to Clean up the Desert are Riyadh Medical Students

RIYADH: The Green Team of Alfaisal University’s Medical Students’ Association recently coordinated a desert cleanup, removing Battle the well-known Khararah Lake location in Riyadh.

The exercise was designed to eliminate plastic garbage, lessen land degradation, and finally enhance the local ecology. The Green Team is a student-run organization founded to encourage the medical field to address climate change issues and increase public awareness of the issue. The group wants to use environmentally friendly methods to protect the Kingdom’s natural environment, encourage sustainable lifestyles, and increase public knowledge of how climate change affects human health.

Head of the Green Team and Alfaisal University medical student Sana Butt talked with Arab News about the importance of the cleanup for the neighborhood.

Butt stated, “We had a great time and learned a lot, which strengthened our conviction that encouraging people to take environmental responsibility is important.” We hope to inspire more people to join in these efforts by demonstrating that cleaning up can be both easy and fun, especially as a group activity,” she continued. Adopting sustainable practices such as reducing, reusing, and recycling can greatly minimize waste generation and conserve resources. An excellent example of this is the simple act of switching to a reusable water bottle instead of using single-use plastic ones.

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