Delivering Competitive Solutions To Challenges Of the Food Industry With Etadar By Deiman: Juan José Thuemme

Delivering Competitive Solutions To Challenges Of the Food Industry With Etadar By Deiman: Juan José Thuemme

We recently had the opportunity to interview Juan José Thuemme, Global Flavorist at Etadar By Deiman. With more than thirty years of experience, Juan José Thuemme is dedicated to creating new flavors from the ground up, especially the flavors of authentic Mexican food, which are becoming increasingly hard to come by these days. In this insightful session, Juan José Thuemme speaks about his career journey, challenges and triumphs, the impact of technology, and the future of the industry.

The Beginning

We started the interview by asking, “Can you tell us about your professional journey and what led you to your current role?”

Juan shared, “I am a Global Flavorist with about 48 years of experience in the development of flavors.  Being the Senior Creative Flavorist, I started working in Etadar By Deiman, creating nature-identical flavors and creating systems of flavor with innovations on new chemicals alongside developing plant-based flavors. We created a school in flavors called ‘Native Flavors’ for Mexico, Spain, and worldwide where people were introduced to Mexican flavors.”

Worth-Sharing Achievements

We were curious to learn about the successful events of Juan José Thuemme’s business. So, we asked, “What has been your business’s biggest achievement to date?”

He shared, “The most relevant flavor success was creating sugar replacements. We have made some modulation in sugar, creating some Mexican native flavors such as zapote, which is a characteristic of Mexico.”

Adaptability Amidst Challenges

While challenging phases are a part of every business, we were intrigued to learn how Juan José Thuemme and his team overcame these tough phases. So, we asked, “What have been some of the most significant hurdles you’ve encountered in your business, and how did you address them?”

Juan shared, “The most significant hurdles in my business are the lack of new flavors molecules technology, the Mexican situation, the relations of my country and USA are limited and l have made replacements of materials imported with too much work to get the profiles in flavors. The way to address them is working very hard in the replacement of raw material.”

Notable Business Advice

Juan José Thuemme

Eager to learn about a piece of business advice that stayed with Juan José Thuemme throughout his journey over these years. We asked, “What is an excellent piece of business advice you have ever received?”

He replied, “My excellent piece of business advice was the reaction with vanilla beans from Papantla Veracruz. It was about the reaction of vanillin naturally and with oak extract getting more Vanella character in the vanilla industry to create the Mexican extract for the industry.”

Juan’s Leadership Style

To understand more about the perspective of Juan José Thuemme’s leading style, we asked, “How would you describe your leadership style?”

He replied, “My primary leadership approach involves coming up with innovative concepts grounded in global technology to train all of my assistants and collaborators and demonstrate the outcomes we’ve achieved.”

Influence Of Technology

We further asked, “What role do you see Artificial Intelligence or technology playing in this industry?”

Juan replied, “With Artificial Intelligence in some of the largest industries, I’ve seen how they explain the process of building a robot with all the data required to produce flavors in a highly confidential matter.”

Envisioning The Future, we asked Juan José Thuemme

We ended the interview by asking, “How do you envision the future of your industry?”

Juan shared, “The future of this industry is becoming increasingly important with the rise in food costs and to cope with this, we must use plant-based foods to replace dairy, cheese, meat, chicken, shrimp, and fish.”

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