Holistic Health Practices and Online Digital Courses On Aromatherapy: Sunita Teckchand

Holistic Health Practices and Online Digital Courses On Aromatherapy: Sunita Teckchand

Aromatherapy is emerging as one of the effective healing methods in the UAE, Sunita Teckchand is a prominent name in the region as an aromatherapist who has achieved considerable success. Through The Holistic Alternatives, a unique digital platform, Sunita provides accredited Clinical Aromatherapy courses to students worldwide.

With more than 27 years of experience in this field and a journey nothing short of an inspiration, Sunita Teckchand is a certified clinical aromatherapist, an integrated holistic therapist, a principal tutor and external examiner for IFPA – UK, a keynote speaker, and a writer.

The Advent Of Sunita’s Journey, We asked Sunita Teckchand

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sunita Teckchand moved to Dubai in 1997 after the British left the territory. Even though Sunita’s family wasn’t sure what would happen in Hong Kong, they decided to go to Dubai with her three daughters to live a better, safer, and higher-quality life in Dubai.

Reflecting on her educational background, she shares, “I wasn’t a dedicated high school student and chose to work instead of pursuing further education. My orthodox Indian family, believing that I would soon get married, didn’t see education as important. However, when I moved to Dubai in 1997, I noticed a lack of holistic and alternative therapy options.

As someone who loves aromatherapy, I decided to open a center in 1999. After nine years, I sold the business due to burnout and paralysis in my right arm. This experience taught me the importance of self-care before caring for others, especially in the service industry where compassion can overshadow our own needs.”

Sunita took a one-year break to recover from the paralysis and then pursued further education in various fields such as Clinical Reflexology, Kinesiology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Regression therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and more. However, her learning journey didn’t end there, and eventually opened a school called The Holistic Institute in JLT to share her knowledge, but this journey was not a long-term one, as due to government regulation, the Institute had to close its doors in 2014.

After working in Hong Kong and London for several years, Sunita returned home during the pandemic and launched The Holistic Alternatives—an online training platform for Clinical Aromatherapy, accredited by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, UK. As a board member and trustee of the Federation, Sunita runs the platform, attracting numerous students globally on a quest for continuous learning.

As a current Board member and Trustee of the Federation, Sunita continues to run the platform, to encourage students to add value to their goals and career.

Offerings Of The Holistic Alternatives: A Unique Approach

Started during the pandemic, The Holistic Alternatives is still one of the top-notch preferred digital platforms for students seeking courses in Aromatherapy and holistic practices.

Sunita lets us know, “Our company, The Holistic Alternatives, offers online diploma courses and short courses on aromatherapy and holistic practices. The courses are conducted through a digital platform, allowing for student-teacher interactions. Each course is divided into modules and includes multiple-choice tests and assignments.

To obtain the diploma, students must submit case studies and complete final exams. The curriculum typically takes 18 months to complete, but being a flexible study program, students can finish earlier depending on their schedule.”

Undoubtedly, the platform is among the leading platforms to teach Clinical Aromatherapy in the UAE region. And since it is a digital platform, these courses are open and accessible by students around the globe, making it a win-win situation for those seeking a second income or career change.

On Leading A Business Successfully

A successful leader can make a huge difference in any business. And to be an efficient leader, there are certain inevitable traits that one must adopt and build.

“To succeed in the industry, passion is key. Introducing aromatherapy to clients’ lives has led to numerous positive shifts, alleviating a range of issues from illnesses and psychological problems to aches, pains and migraines. Aromatherapy has a history dating back 3000 years; it is a return to natural methods before the pharmaceutical industry’s emergence.

Moreover, staying updated on new research and essential oils is equally crucial for practitioners to address clients’ conditions effectively. Maintaining professional development skills, just like doctors, is essential for success in this field. And lastly, having a genuine passion and empathy for helping others achieve their goals is necessary for achieving success in any field.” Sunita reflected.

Whether it is being passionate about the industry or in-depth research about the same, a good leader needs to follow it all for the success of their business.

Tech-driven Transformations

Every industry is transforming drastically amid the rapid digital revolution. As a digital platform, Sunita’s company also had to adjust to all these changes.

Sunita Teckchand muses, “We’ve always adapted to the adjustments. The development and honing of our online digital learning platform took about two years. AI is a little scary these days, but if this is the direction we are going, educate yourself in this area as well to make the most of it and avoid being overly dependent on it.”

Along with adjusting to the changes, educating about all the recent developments is an effective way to go along with the flow of the industry.

Message To Beginners In Aromatherapy

An industry leader, like Sunita Teckchand , who can bust the myths and guide the aspiring beginners of her field with her wisdom, is highly appreciated.

Talking about building a profession in Aromatherapy, Sunita Teckchand shares, “Take it on. Considering the twists and changes in the field, it is one of the best job decisions I have made since leaving the corporate sector. This is a field that demands a great deal of patience, sensitivity, and compassion.

But don’t anticipate miracles as every natural therapy takes some time to start working; but when done properly, their energy is subtle yet potent. However, in this sector, education is paramount, particularly to stay updated with emerging trends and conduct extensive research to ensure that you are assisting people in the right way.”

With constant learning, the right passion, and knowledge about the field, one can excel in Aromatherapy.

Find out more about Sunita Teckchand’s journey by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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