Scout Leader Assists Hajj Travelers by Speaking Six Languages

Scout Leader Assists Hajj Travelers by Speaking Six Languages

People come together during the Hajj season in a spirit of religion, solidarity, and volunteerism. Among them, 70-year-old Abdulwahed bin Abdulmalik Khayyat, a scout leader, stands out for his extraordinary dedication and multilingualism.

Khayyat has spent more than 25 years providing excellent assistance to pilgrims from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds at the Al-Aziziyah Camp in Makkah. He is fluent in six languages, including English, Hausa, Urdu, Indonesian, Persian, and Arabic.
He added that age is no barrier when the spirit of service remains unwavering, and that devotion is what motivates him to keep making sure pilgrims receive the care they require during their spiritual trip.

“Serving pilgrims is about more than just helping them; it’s about creating a sense of community and accountability among volunteers,” Khayyat stated.
He brought out the effect that more seasoned scouts have on younger ones in terms of motivation. “Young scouts are motivated to serve when they witness older members sharing the honor of it,” he said. “They strive to provide outstanding service because of their sincerity and enthusiasm.”
Khayyat’s tale demonstrates the enduring power of voluntarism as well as the significant influence a single person may have on a large group of travelers throughout the world.

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