According to the Israeli Army, “90 Projectiles” were Fired from Lebanon

According to the Israeli Army, “90 Projectiles” were Fired from Lebanon

Following an Israeli operation that day that killed a senior Hezbollah commander in south Lebanon, the Israeli military stated that approximately ninety missiles were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel on Wednesday.
The military said in a statement, “A short while ago, approximately 90 projectiles were identified crossing from Lebanon.” Some were intercepted, but some struck inside northern Israel, starting fires in some locations.
Since Hamas, the Palestinian affiliate of Hezbollah, struck southern Israel on October 7, sparking the Gaza War, the militant Lebanese group has engaged in almost daily cross-border firing with the Israeli army.

Many brush fires have started on both sides of the border as a result of the recent spike in temperatures.

The most recent onslaught from Lebanon followed the Tuesday killing of a top Hezbollah commander by an Israeli strike.
Hezbollah named the commander as 1969-born Taleb Sami Abdallah, popularly known as Abu Taleb.
The commander was described as “the most important in Hezbollah to be killed up to now since the start of the war” by a military source in Lebanon.

Three more individuals were reportedly killed in the Israeli strike that struck the town of Jouaiyya, which is located nine miles (15 kilometers) from the border.

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